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  • Do you need experience to take class?
    Not at all. We have many first time class takers try out different styles and teachers. The most important thing is that you find the right style, right teacher, and you don't give up! It's always going to be a little (or a lot) challenging at first but it's up to you to stick with it!
  • Can I pay at the door?
    Absolutely! There is a $3 up-charge from the app and website price of $15. Door price is $18 so we do recommend paying on the app / website although you can definitely pay at the door if need be. We also accept Zelle and Venmo!
  • Is there an age requirement?
    Nope! We welcome all ages as long as you're willing to be focused, hard working and keep up best you can with the class.
  • What is a foundational style/class?
    At Cambio we focus on two things, foundational classes/styles and commercial choreography. Certain (if not all) genres of dance have history, building blocks, and have history. In these classes you will focus less on choreography and more on learning the actual moves/steps that make up the style, the names of each step, and some background history of the style. Some classes are a mixture of both of those concepts where you spend half the class going over the basics and the other half putting the steps together into a piece of choreography.
  • Do you have beginner classes?
    Yes we do! Mondays at 9pm is our Hip Hop Foundation class which focuses on the basics of hip hop and incorporates that into a small routine. We also have several other foundational classes which are "open level" but require some sort of previous dance training OR willingness to try something new and a little challenging!
  • What is a choreography or fusion class?
    These class are focused on putting together the steps from any of our foundational classes into a choreographed sequence to work on memory, stamina, and performance.
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